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Both indoor and outdoor plants are a great investment for the home and garden. These colourful creatures not only purify the air, improve our health and increase our focus, but they also create a welcoming ambience. To ensure these benefits last, it's important to take care of your indoor and outdoor plants. You can do this by providing them with a good environment, the correct amount of water and the right nutrients.

Keep potting soil moist, but not wet

Whether you're using pots indoors or outside, it's imperative to ensure the soil is moist. Soil that is too dry or over watered can damage the plant’s roots, thus preventing it from flourishing. In the worst case scenario, under or over watering your plant can kill it. With this in mind, every plant is different – plants with leathery or waxy leaves tend to require less water, whilst plants with lush, thick leaves require more water. There is however, no specific measure that works for all indoor and outdoor plants. This is why it's important to research the plant species you have chosen to grow, and follow guidelines on how often to water it, the environment it requires and the nutrients it needs.

How do I know if I've overwatered or under watered my plant?

If you notice mould on the surface of the soil, or there’s standing water at the base of the container, these are key indicators you’ve over watered your plant. However, if the soil becomes cracked or lighter in colour, it's likely you've haven't watered it enough! The one exception to this is plants from the succulent family, as they require periods of dryness between watering. A good tip that will help you to check whether your plant is adequately watered, is to stick your finger in the soil. This will help you to determine how wet the soil is below the surface. If the soil is dry, more water is required, if it's damp, it has been watered enough.

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