Top resources for gardening tips


There are an array of resources online when it comes to searching for top gardening tips, all of which offer help and advice on what seeds to plant, when to water certain shrubs, how to create a picture-perfect border and more.

In order to point you in the right direction, we’ve listed a few useful websites that may come in handy…

Top resources for gardening tips

Keeper of the Home –  This is a great spot to look if you wish to learn more about gardening at home. From teaching your kids how to plant new seedlings to destroying weeds organically, and learning basic care tips and tricks, this is a great guide for beginners. The blog is filled with pictures of extensive garden beds, giving the reader an insight into what it is possible to create.

Natural Green Mom – Andrea Green shares her gardening tips on how to grow an organic garden. From the planning process to learning more about what to grow where and how to save money, this is a great resource for those who enjoy organic produce.

AHS Gardening – This resource offers gardening tips for the more advanced gardener. For example, they feature information on the Master Gardener programme, a syllable that provides thorough horticultural training to individuals who are then able to volunteer as Master Gardeners in their communities. Once qualified, they can create gardens, give lectures and conduct research.


The National Gardening Association – From weekly newsletters brimming with gardening tips on how to grow orchids, information on tree and plant identification and succulent care, this is a one-stop shop for all your gardening needs. There are plenty of photos, uploaded by other users, as well as regular gardening photo contests. This forum is a great resource for those who wish to ask particular questions about their current growing methods, gardens and plants.  If you’re unsure what shrubs you have in your existing garden, don’t know where to start, or want to identify a pest that is attacking your prize rose bush, simply use the ‘ask a question’ section.

The anxious gardener – David Marsden, a pro gardener, is responsible for looking after two large (five and six acre) gardens, both of which are based in Sussex. His gardening blogs allows him to share both his triumphs and failures with other likeminded individuals. He also features posts on his Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages. His columns feature great gardening tips, complete with photos.

The Urban Vegetable Patch – This blog is written by an extremely passionate gardener, intent on sharing gardening tips with those who don’t have the biggest of gardens. Articles help those who live in urban environments create the likes of herb gardens, mini orchids and children’s vegetable patches. This personable blog boasts an array of interesting posts, which sit alongside images of various plants, shrubs and blooms. Asides from blogging about her garden, Caro also blogs about the many gardening shows and events she attends.

Royal Horticultural Society – The Royal Horticultural Society’s most recent campaign for school gardening is a popular choice for teachers and mums wishing to give the little ones a few gardening tips. Resources include project ideas, lesson plans and various green-fingered activities, which can be completed in less than an hour. Other focuses include information on soil and compost, weeds, fruit, vegetables, edible flowers, seasonal produce, tools, seeds and cuttings.


National Parks –  Many are under the impression gardening is only for those with “green fingers” or people who have a flair for nurturing plants. This couldn’t be further from the truth; gardening is something that anyone can enjoy, even if they only have a small balcony or windowsill to work with. All that is required is some compost, some seeds and a pot!!

Regardless of whether you’re a first-time gardener wishing to learn more about your first gardening project, or a seasoned gardener looking for more in-depth gardening tips, it’s here you’ll discover a community of gardeners whom you can practice your gardening abilities with.

Gardening resources include information on community gardens, flora and fauna, what to grow, tropical landscaping, caring for plants and allotment gardens. There’s even a section featuring hands-on gardening videos.

Green Education Foundation –  The Green Education Foundation offers an abundance of resources and gardening tips to those who wish to know more about composting, growing their own produce, seasonal vegetables and garden maintenance. There’s even a handy planner and garden glossary available to download, which will help you to learn what to plant when, while improving your garden vocabulary.

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